Diary of a Madman

Yesterday I did something I haven’t done in years – revisit my old blog, Guirilandia. It was curious to see that the analytics looked like, and was surprised to see it still received a steady stream of traffic. One of the most popular posts is one titled, The Real Gas Natural. The title was a cheeky topical reference in 2006, when there was a scandal in Spain involving a company called Gas Natural. It was also a double entendre, because it was a post about Salvador Dali’s Diary of a Genius. More specifically, about an appendix of the book, dedicated entirely to his most peculiar obsession: The Art of Farting or The Manual of the Mischievous Artilleryman by the Count of the Trumpet, doctor of the Bronze Horse, for the use of constipated people. I translated excerpts of the hilariously absurd appendix, and related an anecdote from my travels in Morocco, where I encountered two gaseous Spaniards who had an obsession with something they called la llama azul. It’s juvenile – but I had a great laugh re-reading it. Enjoy.

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