So one of the resolutions I have for 2015 is to keep a blog – yep, just like it was 2003 all over again when all the cool kids were blogging. Now that we’re all supposed to post on Facebook and share ephemerally via Snapchat, it’s a little absurd to even think about blogging, not to mention host your own site on an open source CMS that – yikes – you have to actually maintain.

My reason – I guess you can call this my manifesto – for adding a blog to this little vanity page, is that I’m not an avid Facebooker, and certainly not popular enough to beat the edge rank algorithm if I want to get a message out. Some people are good at that. They’re natural-born populists, masters of the pithy status update, posters of the funniest pics, crowd-pleasers. I admit, I’m not one of those who’ve cracked the code – and when I have tried, it lasted all of a couple weeks before I realized how consumed I was with making clever-sounding comments and brooding over my next play on the social networks. The crazy thing is I do this for a living and I daresay I’m good at it, otherwise I’d be out of a job. It’s like when I write fiction. The universe is mine to create. The possibilities are infinite. There’s a freedom to operating in the third person. Give me a character, a voice, and I’ll run with it.

On thirds: this is my third blog – my first since moving back to the states. I’ll try it keep it more personal, and less ambitious than my first two blogs, Guirilandia and Kovaks PI – both inspired by my life in Barcelona. I’m not going to belabor the perfect post or story here. That’ll be setting myself up for blogging burn out.

I’ll keep it simple. Limit it to stuff I can’t fit on Twitter.

I’ll stay away from sharing work that’s not mine.

I’ll try my best to be an originator, and not another aggregator.

Happy 2015 world. It’s gonna be an exciting year.

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